Friday, October 06, 2006

Twisted Sister: Yule Hear It First

Frontman Dee Snider & Co. Ready Christmas Album

Twisted Sister plan to celebrate the holidays with the October 17 release of A Twisted Christmas through Razor & Tie Records. The seasonal platter will feature 10 tracks that marry Christmas songs with stylistic nods to specific heavy metal bands. "I think I made the comment that we should do a Christmas record," guitarist Jay Jay French tells Billboard. "And [frontman] Dee [Snider] said, 'You know, "Come All Ye Faithful" is actually "We're Not Gonna Take It." I think I subliminally stole the melody.' So we recorded 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and put 'Come All Ye Faithful' in, and it worked with some changes."

The six-stringer also notes that the Twisted version of "Come All Ye Faithful" will feature "a Black Sabbath version of 'Hava Nagilah' at the end of the song." In addition, Lita Ford will join the band on a version of "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

Log on to Twisted Sister's official website to hear clips from the upcoming album and check out the full track list.


Metal Mark said...

This idea sounds positively awful. They re-recorded Stay Hungry and now this. They should just stop recording all together since they truly have nothing left to give. Just they play their handful shows a year and let that be it.

Bruce said...'s a lark, just like all those William Shatner records. Most of my favorite Christmas songs are the novelty type, like the ones by Bob Rivers. It doesn't always have to be serious, ya know...

Metal Mark said...

Bruce-I know, but they have not done a serious album of new songs in almost 20 years.

Rhodeislandrock said...

I have to agree with Mark, what a crap thing to do. When Twisted got back together, I figured they'd do a new album. Like every other reuniting Rock band of yore, they cashed in and continue to do so.

Re-recording Stay Hungry to get the "original raw sound" is a sham. The reason they did it is because Atlantic refused to give up the rights to it, making it impossible for the band to capitalize on future monies on their best seller. The principles of the band (Dee Snider and Jay Jay French) own the rest of the catalog, that's why they were all re-released years ago.

Now a Xmas's a cash-in. They are probably getting a decent fee so Razor & Tie can put out a holiday product appealing to Rock fans. They won't do a new album because they know it won't sell to the mainstream but they will waste their time doing this and it STILL won't sell!

Unfortunately, I would buy it or get someone to buy it for me, LOL!

Metal Mark said...

Jay Jay and Eddie have both said that Dee doesn't want to write any new material.

Rhodeislandrock said...

Went to the local shop last night and refused to buy it for 10 bucks. My wife was with me and she bought it for me. I know it's still my money but at least I didn't have to actually make the purchase! It will be reviewed at my site soon.