Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Randy Rhoads Vs. Randi Rhodes

What's in a Name?

Have you ever wanted to rename yourself after a dead rock star? That's exactly what Randi Rhodes (pictured right) did. Born Randi Bueten, the talk show personality hosts her own program on Air America Radio.

She rechristened herself in honor of the late guitarist Randy Rhoads (pictured left) of her own volition, not because of some dubious decision thrust on her by management. "I named myself after Ozzy Osbourne's guitar player," Rhodes recalled last year in a C-SPAN transcript. "And people think they're making some joke when they say, 'Oh, your named after' -- I did it on purpose . . . I thought of Randy Rhoads, who was a consummate professional. He had long blonde hair like me . . . He always practiced. I mean, he practiced eight hours a day. He lived to be the best. So I just loved his legend and I loved his professionalism and I loved Ozzy and I loved everything about that band. So I named myself Randi Rhodes."

In other bizarre metal moniker news, there's apparently a man impersonating Bruce Dickinson from his pre-Iron Maiden days. He goes by the name Bruce Bruce -- just as Dickinson did during his Samson years -- and was last seen perfecting a stand-up routine at comedy clubs across the country!

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