Monday, August 14, 2006

Autographed Bruce Dickinson Pic Contest Winner!

This photo of a mystery '80s rocker was a real stumper. It is a picture of bassist Irene Kuhl from a New Jersey band called Xenon. Though no one guessed correctly, I promised to “give the prize to the person who comes closest to the correct answer.” So I’ve selected Bruce @ Mindcrimes as the winner, because he was the only person to write in with the name of a U.S.-based female rocker (all other entries named U.K.-bred female rockers). Bruce, please get in touch with your mailing address!

A little background on the mystery photo: I received it back in 1989 from my cousin. The picture is optimistically signed, “Theo, See ya at Madison Square in ’90! Irene.” I don’t think Xenon ever got to play at MSG, even as a support act. While Irene was dreaming of the Garden, grunge rock was getting ready to take over the airwaves. This photo has a bit of that bittersweet, end-of-an-era kind of nostalgia.

Once again, congratulations to the winner. And in the words of David Lee Roth during his short-lived radio show stint: If you like us tell a friend. If you don't, tell an enemy!


T-_Bone said...

That was extrememly tough! Where did you even find the picture?

Rhodeislandrock said...

A tough one for sure. Hell, I had the wrong gender. My apologies to Alex Skolnick.