Monday, August 21, 2006

One From the Archives: Hear 'n Aid

No contest today, just curious how many of these '80s rockers can you identify? Anyone recall what memorable event convened such a crowd?


Metal Mark said...

It's Hear-n-Aid. I see members of the Crue, Quiet Riot, Dio, Yngwie, Twisted Sister, Spinal Tap, Judas Priest and BOC.

Rhodeislandrock said...

If I go get my CD, I can name every single performer because they are listed on the front booklet!

A few notables: All the members of Rough Cutt, Dokken, Dio, & Quiet Riot. Neal Schon (Journey) played part of the solo. What I really like is Rudy Sarzo is in the top row while his ex-bandmates are in front.....interesting.

I'd like to hear RJD do the whole song himself

T-_Bone said...

Dave Murray and Adrian Smith played on this track, but I do not see them in the photo. I loved that video when I was a kid. The song is kind of lame however.

Rhodeislandrock said...

Murray and Amith played rhythm for the whole song and they played the ending solos. They're not in the picture but I remember them in the video.